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Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Pulled Over During Radio Interview: 'I'm About to Get Arrested


"I'm going to have a problem here."

This is awkward and slightly embarrassing. But it has a better ending than what it seems.

Fox News host Chris Wallace was giving a radio interview to Jamie Allman of  97.1 FM in St. Louis on Thursday. But partway through, he ended it abruptly. Why? Because he was getting pulled over.

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"Jamie, I'm going to have a problem here," Wallace interrupted. "I'm talking to you on a cell phone and there's a policeman here. And I probably shouldn't have been talking on the cell phone. So, ah, I'm about to get arrested. Good bye."

You can listen to the audio below via Gateway Pundit:

But before you go claiming excessive police force, Fox News told Mediate that Wallace was not, in fact, arrested. That means he was likely just being hyperbolic. We don't even know if he was issued or ticket, or if the phone was even the reason he was pulled over.

But it sure made for great radio.

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