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Michelle Obama Uses Food Network Show to Spread Healthy Eating Message


"take on one of the toughest missions in America."

Rob Irvine, the notoriously tough as nails chef on the Food Network, can turn a failing restaurant around in as little as two days and with only $10,000.

On last night's "Restaurant Impossible" though, he was issued a whole new kind of challenge from one of the most public figures in the country: the first lady. Michelle Obama petitioned Irvine to "take on one of the toughest missions in America." As you might have guessed, this would be "helping our kids eat right and get active."

Scaling the overarching goal back to apply to a Washington, D.C., community center -- Horton's Kids -- Irving and his team were tasked with giving the facility a dining room, updated kitchen and a community garden.

Watch the first lady's preview of the challenge from the show:

Irvine admitted to Radar Online that he is "not into politics," but he is on the other hand into "helping children eat well." According to the Restaurant Impossible website, the community center feeds more than 100 kids each day but part of that challenge is working in an only 600-square-foot space.

The Hill reports Irvine getting an "A+" from the first lady and some of the students at the community center. It also points out that this is not the first TV stint Mrs. Obama has made on more mainstream television shows to promote her "Let's Move" initiative, also making appearances on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and "The Biggest Loser."

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