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Pre-Emptive Strike': Sheriff Joe and Governor Brewer React to Obama's Immigration Announcement


"We're still gonna lock 'em up if we have 'em on another crime."

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Arizona talk show host Mike Broomhead today in two separate segments to discuss the President's decision to selectively enforce immigration law - a decision which Brewer said "has the status of law" even though it actively contradicts the law.

You can hear Brewer's segment below, where she explains that this decision is likely a "pre-emptive strike" in anticipation of a likely Supreme Court decision in favor of the constitutionality of SB 1070:

Arpaio, however, was far less concerned about the decision, saying the timing had taken him by surprise, but not the substance of the move. He also said that the rules change wouldn't affect how he enforced the law, and that he planned to keep right on going arresting illegals under state law. He did echo Brewer's concerns that the new policy would spawn a run for the border, now that there is an incentive for young illegals to enter the United States.

"We're still gonna lock 'em up if we have 'em on another crime," Arpaio said.

Listen to Arpaio's segment below:

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