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How Many People Came Out to a MoveOn Meeting Last Week? That Would Be 6


"Don't need to come to a monthly meeting."

A pedestrian took a picture of an empty and closed Zuccotti Park in New York City in November 2011. (AP File Photo)

It can apparently be tough to draw a liberal crowd without the sheen of Occupy Wall Street.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, MoveOn groups around the country are trying to keep the momentum of Occupy going, even as the actual camps dwindle and dissolve.

But how many people made it out to a Pittsburgh chapter meeting last week? Six. With just one person who was under 50.

The Post-Gazette reported:

Member Joy Sabl, 46, of Squirrel Hill said young people come out for MoveOn events here, but they have better things to do on a Thursday night.

"Young people text, young people tweet," she said. "They don't need to come to a monthly meeting."

They have come in the past, she said. They usually stop in for two or three sessions, then don't feel the need to come anymore. They show up where it counts, at events and protests.

Acting group organizer Bob King told the newspaper they have 20,000 members they send email alerts to about upcoming events. Despite Thursday's low turnout, the group maintains it has an active membership.

Thursday's meeting reportedly included discussion about the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, a transit protest and the Wisconsin recall election.

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