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Consider ignoring all Bloomberg polls now


Maybe "ignore" is too strong a word but really, two days in a row Bloomberg has published polls that contradict almost all other polls on the same subjects.

Yesterday a Bloomberg poll showed President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally by 13 points. Every media outlet who republished the poll acknowledged that it was an outlier, as other recent polls have found the race in a dead heat.

Today, Bloomberg ran a poll that showed a "plurality of Americans, 43 percent, say they want to retain the 2010 [health care] law with only small modifications..." Just three months ago an ABC/Washington Post poll found "Americans oppose the law overall by 52-41 percent." And, though only based on likely voters rather than voters overall, a Rasmussen poll from just 10 days ago found that "53% of Likely Voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law."

Tomorrow's Bloomberg poll: A majority of Americans want Eddie Murphy to star in a sequel to Norbit.

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