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Revealed: Here's How McDonald's Makes Their Burgers Look So Perfect in Ads


Have you ever noticed that burgers in McDonald's advertisements look like God Himself prepared them, while burgers in real life look like, um, someone sat on them?

And yet, we still eat them (image courtesy GrubGrade)

Brace yourselves. We have some startling news: the "food" in McDonald's commercials is heavily doctored. Yeah, you probably already knew that. No one and nothing can make a burger look that perfect. However, with some clever tricks, fancy lighting, and digital editing, you can make anything look incredible.

And that’s exactly what McDonald’s does -- they dress up their food with all kinds of fancy editing and lighting. But that's not all, they also use a trick that stacks all the "goodies" near the front of the burger. The result? A lopsided sandwich:

Another trick? They use a syringe to apply the ketchup:

Wait -- how do we know all this? In a surprisingly honest PR move, McDonald’s Canada put together the following video to answer a customer’s question regarding the appearance of ad burgers vs. real burgers.

This video takes you behind the scenes to show you how they make their food look so perfect in commercials:

(H/T & front page photo source: Business Insider)

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