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CNN Panel Debates Why America's Youth Are Allegedly Beginning to Doubt God's Existence


"You can now fact-check what your pastor is saying in church, it's wonderful"

Don Lemon had two atheists on his show recently to debate why, statistically, more people under thirty allegedly doubt the existence of God than they did in 2007.

According to the Pew Research Center, the number dropped from 83% who "never doubted" God's existence in 2007, to 68% in 2012.

"God.  Does He exist?  More and more young people doubt He does, or She..." Lemon said.

Watch the clip, below:

"What gives here, why the growing divide?  Why the growing doubt?"  Lemon asked.

But the atheists first explained why they personally don't believe in God.

"I was brought up in a secular household.  I was taught morals without belief in a God or gods," Jesse Galef said.  "It wasn't until I went off to college that I was exposed to all these other worldviews and realized that people take religion very seriously, and I explored and wanted to understand why and what they believed, and ended up becoming an activist on campus...and I think that's what more and more secular Americans are finding."

Hemant Mehta said that, while he had a religious upbringing, when he "went to college he had a chance to really explore that and had a chance to really become an activist [in atheism]" after realizing that "no religion had the answers."

So why are young people supposedly believing in God less and less?  According to the panelists and Don Lemon, the Internet may play a large role.

"You can now fact-check what your pastor is saying in church, it's wonderful," Mehta said.

But is that really the case?  Do you believe the study is accurate, and if so, why do you think the numbers have changed so drastically in the last few years?

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