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DNC Staffer Tweet: 'Take That Motherfu**ers!' (And We Have It)


Editor's note: this post contains graphic language. Discretion is advised.

As seen on twitchy-

Mr. Green is the DNC’s new media director.

He later deleted this tweet.

Editors note: The source for this story is being verified

The current DNC Executive Director, Patrick Gaspard, reacted in an astonishingly profane way to the recent Obamacare ruling of the Supreme Court. And while many are reporting on it, we have the actual tweet:


He later deleted it.

Gaspard also tweeted that "It's constitutional. Bitches". He later walked that back:

To see more tweets, so our story here.

*The tweet was taken from a source on Pacific Standard Time.  The EST correlation is 10:21.  Directly after ruling.

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