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Imperfect Crime: Thief Gets Head Trapped Under Garage Door

What the police saw when they arrived

There's probably nothing more likely to induce schadenfreude among the law abiding multitude than the spectacle of an incompetent criminal failing miserably at committing acts against society. That is certainly what one would witness by watching this report from CBS News on a thief in Brockton, Massachusetts, who got his head trapped quite literally in a garage door while he was trying to break into a store through that very same portal.

But wait, there's more! The thief, one Manuel Fernandez, was apparently stuck with his head sandwiched quite literally between a rock and a hard place for over 9 hours.

One imagines he was almost relieved when the police showed up to cart him off to prison like the colossal criminal failure that he was.

Fortunately for Fernandez, he wasn't injured in the process (except for obvious complaints of a headache), but officers say it could have been fatal if the door had fallen on Fernandez's head from a greater height.

Perhaps that should stand as a warning to other would be thieves not to dive into such acts headfirst.

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