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Berserk Naked Man Breaks Pregnant Woman's Legs During Wild, Ranting, AZ Carjacking Spree

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Some stories just leave you shaking your head in awe, confusion and perplexity. This is one of them.

On Friday, a naked man caused a serious ruckus in Scottsdale, Arizona, when he went on a bizarre and dangerous rampage. According to police, the suspect, John Brigham, 45, caused major car accidents, stripped naked, jumped on top of a car and hijacked a Toyota Prius -- and these are only a few of the details.

Let's do a play-by-play, as the events are so bizarre and convoluted that it's best to examine the whole mess chronologically. First, Brigham allegedly hit a convertible, ejecting the passenger from the car and leaving him with serious injuries, KTAR reports. But the chaos didn't end there.

He allegedly got out of his car, stripped naked, jumped on top of a vehicle and took command of the Prius. Brigham apparently pulled the female driver out of the car and then drove away from the scene. Then, just a short time later, he allegedly struck several more vehicles. And when we say "several," we mean that he caused massive damage that included 10 to 12 cars, according to witness testimony.

KTAR-TV has more:

At this point, serious injuries were sustained once again. But, alas, the perpetrator wasn't done yet. Among those who he hurt in the bizarre scenario was a pregnant woman, near term, who broke both of her legs.

Brigham, too, sustained some injuries. The car he was driving rolled numerous times and the impact from the accident purportedly sent him through the windshield of the Prius. While he landed in the dirt next to the car, it didn't take long for him to stand up, allegedly yelling strange things like, "The Indians are coming, the Indians are coming!"

Still, he had more gusto left in him.

"He got out naked, running all over the place, trying to get into other people's cars," a woman involved in the second accident confirmed in an interview with ABC 15.

Police, too, have weighed in on the events.

"The suspect, after collisions with multiple vehicles, got out of his car and attempted to carjack two other vehicles unsuccessfully," said Scottsdale Police Sgt. Mark Clark. "We had an officer on the scene as this was going on who immediately took the suspect into custody without any further incident."

Obviously, police took Brigham to the hospital to be checked for mental instability and drug and substance abuse. He may be charged with robbery and leaving the scene of a collision. Police are still waiting for test results.

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