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Almost No Words Can Describe This Hilarious Video of a Man 'Sniff Testing' Yankee Candle's New Line of 'Man Candles' -- Just Watch


• Scents inlcude "2x4" and "Riding Mower • "It literally smells like cutting grass and gasoline." --

Known for smells like "Banana Nut Bread," "Meyer Lemon" and "Harvest Welcome," which combine together with dozens of other scents to create a 10-foot wall of smell out the door of the store into the mall, Yankee Candle a couple months ago released a new line of smells to appeal to a slightly different audience.

In May, just in time for Father's Day, the candle maker developed "Man Candles." With scents like "Riding Mower," "2x4" and "First Down," men walking into Yankee Candle can add these to their basket -- along with the "Vanilla Cupcake" scent they were really there to buy -- and check-out with their heads held high (or without making up a story that they were buying the candles for their wives).

If you haven't heard of these candles yet, it's pretty surprising, given they've been featured by "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper and more. But what you may not have seen yet is a sniff test from a man who really loves candles. And trust us, you will want to see it.

How do you know you can trust this man's judgement? Notice in his video the Campbells' Chunky Soup and Little Debbie muffins -- guy food -- in the background of his YouTube video, which has viral potential. Although, in the clip he does acknowledge some of the smells are hard for him to diagnose because he's "not a man"  but a "man child," he is a candle connoisseur as evidenced by his label kept from the "William and Catherine: A Royal Wedding" candle.

The 49-year-old creator of the 7Rorschach7 channel first explains his admiration for Yankee Candle and emphasizes not once but twice that "I am into candles." Acknowledging that candles are "mostly feminine" he seems pretty excited about this new man line and gets to work taking a huge whiff and letting out a sigh of joy as his olfactory system processes the scent.

Here are his assessments:

  • 2x4: "You know what, it does smell kind of sweet sawdusty. Kind of hickory, sweet, sawdusty. It smells like wood, kind of sawdusty wood."
  • Man Town (the best selling according to Yankee Candle): "What is that? Hang on. Hang on. I'll get there. Just trust me. Kind of like new plastic? [...] maybe a little bit of leather. It smells very clean. It's a very clean smell." (It's supposed to smell like cologne)
  • Riding Mower (the male reviewer's personal favorite): "It literally smells like cutting grass and gasoline."
  • First Down: "This is another mystery." (takes other sniff). "I don't know what that is." (It's supposed to smell like leather.)

Watch his reviews for yourself:

The Patriot Ledger reported last month that the company, headquartered in Massachusetts said that the idea for the man candles started off as a joke but has since taken off:

Hope Margala Klein had been teased several times by her boss at Yankee Candle Co., CEO Harlan Kent, about the possibility of developing a line of candles geared specifically for men. Margala Klein, the company’s executive vice president of brand innovation, figured there was more to the idea than a good-natured joke.


Margala Klein says she’s been absolutely floored by the candles’ popularity and all the media attention they’ve received, and the company is already considering whether to add more scents to the lineup at some point. There were appearances on Anderson Cooper’s show and on “Good Morning America.” The candles even lit up late night TV, when Jimmy Fallon offered his own suggestions for fragrances that Yankee Candle should develop. (How about “Minty Dorito” or the “10 PM Nacho Breeze”?)

If you had to create your own man candle, what would it smell like? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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