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Why Won't Glenn Beck Wear a Bowtie on TV, and Can It Save America?


"That's what everybody expects."

On his Monday show tonight, Glenn Beck discussed the importance of cultural institutions like music and art in the fostering of a more pro-liberty, pro-American culture. Beck framed his segment as a follow-up to a previous monologue by guest host Dana Loesch on TheBlazeTV discussing how politics is "downstream from pop culture."

"I'm pretty sure that's why Dana wears leather pants," Beck said jokingly, implying that Loesch's decision to dress more provocatively and with a more "cool" edge made her more likely to get attention. Beck also mentioned that this was the same reason he would wear jeans on his show, and might wear a bowtie off-camera, but never while on TV.

"That's what everybody expects," Beck said, implying that the stereotype of the bowtie-wearing conservative works to stop people from listening to conservative messaging. Fortunately, as you'll see in the segment below, the soundtrack for "Restoring Love" looks like it will be avoiding that pitfall:

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