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House GOP 'Will Repeal Obamacare' Tomorrow -- With Growing Support From Dems


“I voted against it originally and I will vote to repeal it.”

House Republicans have scheduled a repeal vote for the Affordable Care Act tomorrow and are expecting some support from across the isle.

"Every Republican will be supporting the full repeal of Obamacare tomorrow" said Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan in an interview with The Blaze.  Jordan, who is also Chairman of the Republican Study Committee sounded optimistic that some democrats will be joining the 242 Republicans voting for repeal.

Jordan cited his Democratic colleague, Rep. Larry Kissell (N.C.) who has said he will break with his party leadership and Nancy Pelosi in voting to repeal the healthcare law. Jordan said he thinks "we can get some more and were working on it."

The GOP will use the vote in tactical messaging against the bill and White House.  Raising awareness on the unpopularity of the bill is one of the first priorities for the RNC this election cycle according to Chairman Reince Priebus.  The GOP expects fresh Democratic opposition to the bill that will add support to that messaging.

The administration has attempted to make a victory out of the court's decision two weeks ago, but has since strayed away from the issue and has doggedly refused to call the Individual Mandate a tax.  The bill remains stubbornly unpopular with the voting public, with a recent Gallup poll showing that 46 percent of Americans think Obamacare would hurt the economy.


The congressional paper The Hill reports:

"North Carolina Reps. Mike McIntyre (D) and Kissell have both said they will support repeal. Kissell joined the Blue Dogs earlier this year amid a tough fight for reelection, and both men made headlines recently for declining to endorse Obama.

“I’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of people from my district about their opposition to the healthcare law,” Kissell recently told The Charlotte Observer. “I voted against it originally and I will vote to repeal it.”

But several other Democrats, including Reps. Dan Boren (Okla.) and Mike Ross (Ark.), did not respond to repeated inquiries about how they will vote on Wednesday. Rep. Joe Donnelly (Ind.), who is running for the Senate, has not said how he’ll vote after supporting the law and opposing its repeal.

The Democratic leadership is whipping its members against repeal, but aides said Monday they did not have an estimate of how many will vote with Republicans."

The hesitation and effort against repeal indicates that Democrats remain very uneasy with the issue.  The passage of the bill was a juggernaut in the 2010 election when the GOP used healthcare to sweep into the House majority.

Democrats are counterattacking various Republican house members over the vote, alleging that conservatives in the house are wasting the American peoples time instead of focusing on bigger issues.  “Where are the jobs?” has been a Democrat mantra used against the GOP in recent weeks leading up to the repeal vote.

Congressman Jordan emphasized that the House repeal must have Senate approval with 51 votes and the President's signature to permanently strike down the Affordable Care Act.  Rep. Jordan went on to predict the GOP will have these votes after November.

Wednesday’s vote represents the House’s 31st attempt to kill the law as a whole or in part.

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