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Don't Fall for the Jedi Mind Trick': Beck Takes on Progressives' New 'Little Blue Book'


It's all about the Jedi mind-tricks

On Monday The Blaze explained the contents of the "Little Blue Book," a volume that is being hailed a "game-changer" and a "precious gift" to progressives. Written by U.C. Berkeley professor George Lakoff, a Democratic strategist, and graduate student Elizabeth Wehling, the book is already receiving accolades from the likes of Van Jones and George Soros alike, validating the content's obvious progressive-chops.

Blogger Zombie provided the following explanation of the book [emphasis added]:

Before you even open the book, its sly self-referential gamesmanship leaps off the cover: the very title itself is a wink-wink-nudge-nudge ironic-but-not-really reference to Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, the kind of hidden-meaning secret message that progressives like to call a “dog whistle,” although they insist that only conservatives resort to such underhanded gambits.

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck delved into the contents of the newest version of this progressive manual, the "little blue book." He also explained how progressives are co-opting conservatives' multi-step plan of action that includes committing, activating and uplifting our culture.

After discussing the book's "rave" reviews, Beck compared Lakoff's little blue progressive handbook with Mao's little red one.

"They are trying to manipulate the way we think," he said.

Watch Beck expose the Left's new handbook below:

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