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Jay Leno Cracks Obama Jokes & You'll Want to See His Spoof Vid of the President as ‘Magic Mike\


"I was sweating like President Obama trying to spin the latest unemployment numbers!"

Jay Leno took shot after shot at President Obama on The Tonight Show on Monday, mocking his "appeal" with women voters, slamming him on the unemployment rate, and even making a reference to the Fast and Furious scandal.

"One thing about President Obama, he knows how to use pop culture to his advantage, you know, while he's campaigning," Leno said during his opening monologue.

"You know Obama is trying to appeal to women voters, and now he's using some of that 'Magic Mike' charisma," he continued, referring to a new movie about male strippers.

You will want to see this video of Obama "speaking" before a crowd of adoring women, via NBC:

After that, Leno proceeded to mock the president's handling of the economy, Fast and Furious, and immigration reform.

"Well the record-breaking heat that has been affecting the rest of the country now is starting to hit Los Angeles," Leno began, "I was sweating like President Obama trying to spin the latest unemployment numbers!"

"It was so hot, Eric Holder was smuggling water pistols," he continued. "That's how hot it was!"

"It was so hot, immigrants are crossing the border on slip-'n-slides..."

Watch the clip, via Mediaite, below (relevant section ends at around 30 seconds):

While many conservatives are happy that the famous comedian is bringing matters like Fast and Furious to the mainstream, others say it's too little too late.

"Did his audience even laugh?" one commenter asked.  "Did they have a clue what he was talking about?  Clearly, the news media has hardly covered the fast and furious story... I bet he apologizes tonight for stepping over the line!"

(H/T: Mediaite)

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