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Real News' War Room: Is Race Being Used as a Wedge Issue in 2012?


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke this morning at the annual NAACP convention in Texas. The decision to appear at the conference raised some eyebrows given the strong support from the African-American community toward Democrats over the last generation, with recent Quinnipiac polling that shows President Obama leading Romney among black voters 92-2. Still, Romney spoke, receiving applause when addressing unemployment in the black community and the failure of the education system for the poor and those living in urban areas. While Romney received a standing ovation at the end of his remarks, a large portion of media coverage from the event has focused on the boos the former Massachusetts governor received from the crowd when discussing his opposition to ObamaCare.

Lost amidst all the perspective Wednesday that Romney's never going to win this constituency, and maybe the appearance will at least show independent voters that he’s willing to be inclusive, no one has questioned whether the Obama campaign and its surrogates are trying to use race as a wedge issue.

From the Congressional Black Caucus walking out of the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder, to Holder telling the same NAACP conference Tuesday that Voter ID laws equivocate to poll taxes, to one liberal group running a "satire" web video describing Romney as too white for blacks to like, are supporters of the president strategically using race as a wedge?

New York Post Columnist Robert George joined 'Real News' Wednesday to discuss this question and Romney's remarks to the NAACP. Watch a clip from the segment below:

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