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In 2032 people will actually want to live in the Dakotas


A new Gallup study takes a futuristic look at the best places in America people will want to live in the next 20 years. Gallup made the determinations by looking at the "economic, health, and community foundations" different areas of the country are building today.

The No. 1 ranking states were Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Down at the bottom: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The central Southwest and Southeast states would rank higher on the list (they're about in the middle) but they're being held back by fat and dental problems.

In the West South Central region, obesity stands at a hefty 29%, second only to the 30% found in the East South Central region. Residents of the East South Central region are also the least likely to have visited the dentist, setting this region up for high healthcare costs in the future.

Full study here.

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