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This Viral Vid of a Motorcycle Speeding Nearly 200 MPH Has Police on the Hunt for Driver


"...an egregious example of someone who really is disregarding all norms of traffic safety."

On The Blaze, we frequently bring you video footageof motorists taking their vehicles' speed to new highs. What isn't often covered though in some clips that go viral are the legal implications if these cars or motorcycles are not authorized to achieve these speeds on public roads.

In April, a YouTube video gain traction on the Web after showing the motorist's perspective of what it looks like to go 186 miles per hour down a highway in British Colombia.

Since that time, according to the Times Colonist, police have been on the hunt for the driver, who they believe to be Randy George Scott. On Tuesday of this week, Scott was charged for the dangerous driving and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

In April, Jalopnik reported the motorcycle believed to have been pushed to the limit on the Trans-Canada Highway was seized by police. The woman who owned the bike was fined nearly $1,500 at this time, but police believed it was her son who was the driver. Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen told the Times Colonist there was insufficient evidence until recently to peg the crime on Scott and issue charges. It was the media coverage the viral video that helped the authorities glean more evidence.

Watch this CNN report on the charges:

Here's more from the Times Colonist:

“That was pared down to three critical witnesses that our officers felt provided the best information,” he said. “That was information that connected the rider to the bike to the incident.”


Jantzen said police had limited contact with Scott during the investigation, mostly by phone.

People were understandably shocked and outraged by the video, he said.

“This is an egregious example of someone who really is disregarding all norms of traffic safety,” he said. “You can hardly put words to it."

Check out the original YouTube video showing the bike allegedly driven by Scott with more than 794,000 hits at this time:

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