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Just Tear it Down!': YouTube Video Warns Large Group of 'Anarchists and Radicals' Has Mobilized to Wreak Havoc at RNC

Just Tear it Down!': YouTube Video Warns Large Group of 'Anarchists and Radicals' Has Mobilized to Wreak Havoc at RNC

"Anarchists and radicals have gathered a group called the 'RNC welcoming committee,' they are in no way welcoming."

A video posted by an anonymous Occupier under the YouTube account,  VforVendetta12345678, is claiming that a large group of "anarchists and radicals" has mobilized and formed what they call the "RNC Welcoming Committee," which will protest the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.

This is nothing new. The Occupy movement has always peddled propaganda in the form of YouTube clips and website banners to rally its troops. However, groups associated with Occupy have mostly tried to live by Van Jones's credo, "Drop the radical pose for the radical ends," and have not typically advocated for violence openly.

But this seems a little different. The so-called "RNC Welcoming Committee" is promising to implement "black bloc" style tactics because "liberal protests get nothing done." The black bloc, comprised of self-proclaimed anarchists, radicals and revolutionaries, traditionally dress in all black and want nothing more than to burn the system in the U.S. to the ground. And they use violence to do it.

These are the people you see on the evening news smashing windows, lighting fires, clashing with police and holding signs that say "F*** the Police" during Occupy protests.

While there is no way of authenticating the video's claims, whoever put it together is estimating 20,000 plus people will protest the RNC, with the radicals and revolutionaries mixed in, ready and willing to create chaos and destruction.

Here are some of the messages found in the video:

  • "Anarchists and radicals have gathered a group called the 'RNC welcoming committee,' they are in no way welcoming... 'Black bloc' and 'Anon bloc' tactics are being encouraged because some say liberal protests get nothing done," the video states before showing images of occupiers destroying private property.
  • "The Republicans are the most sexist, racist, homophobic... they thrive off war and imprisonment and do not care about the earth they live on. They are by far the most elitist."
  • "At this convention, there is always a massive show of force by the police. These protests often result in property destruction and clashes with police, when the more radical branches break off."
  • "If you wish to "peacefully" protest, your rights will be respected by radicals. If you are into social warfare, look for a group of people dressed in black."
  • "There is always a massive fence or wall around the convention zone, just tear it down!"
  • "The protests are going to be huge, 20,000+... In my opinion the RNC is the best one to go to, due to high radicalization."

Watch the video here:

It is worth noting the parallels between the leftist radicals of the 1960s and the Occupy movement today are becoming seemingly more evident all the time.

The 1960s radicals, led by domestic terrorist turned educator Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground, came together in a non-violent movement protesting the war in Vietnam, fighting for civil rights and other leftist causes. They quickly turned violent, however, with a series of bombings after the group felt their liberal protests weren't getting anything done.

Sound familiar?

From the Weather Underground based on Lenin's theory of imperialism: "The main struggle going on in the world today is between U.S. imperialism and the national liberation struggles against it."

From the video in this story: "Both political parties are evil; they monitor and control the U.S. population, while exploiting foreign markets and resources."

Chicago police recently arrested three men connected to the Occupy movement, known as the "NATO 3," for planning a multi-staged attack on high-profile targets such as President Obama's campaign headquarters.

Additionally, five anarchists linked to Occupy Cleveland were arrested for trying to blow up a local bridge in May.

All we can do is hope the Occupy movement is not beginning a similar tragic transformation from a public nuisance to a full blown terrorist organization like the Weather Underground in the 60s. To this day, the White House has yet to condemn the Occupy movement.

Mark Rudd, former member of the Weather Underground, said it best: "If you think you have the moral high ground, you can do some really terrible things.”

(h/t: Moonbat Tracker)

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