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How Much Would Bruce Wayne's Mansion Fetch in Today's Housing Market? This Group Figured It Out


"Wayne Manor has never been for sale, but one has to wonder..."

In April, Britney Spears sold her Beverly Hills home, listed for $2.995 million, for $4.25 million. While this may be more than the asking price, it's still far less than the original purchasing price in 2007 of $6.8 million. Meg Ryan too only recently sold her Bel Air mansion for a measly $11.125 million after it was listed at $19.5 million in 2008.

This just shows celebrities aren't immune to the depreciated housing market. But what if we upgraded from celebrity to superhero? Like, the Wayne Manor owned by the great Bruce Wayne with all the amenities to conceal and store the toys of his alter ego Batman?

Movoto real estate wanted to know this as well. The company's first step was to decide where exactly Gotham City is located. The fictional city has elements from all major U.S. metropolises, but for its purposes Movoto picked Chicago. This was not a decision arbitrarily made. According to Movoto's press release -- a giant infographic (see below) -- much debate and comic book research went into the choice.

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Either way, in Chicagoland's current market, the 42,500-square-foot home on 150 acres of land at 1007 Mountain Drive would cost $32.1 million. That's $848 per square foot. Before you scoff at the price, we're talking about 11 bedrooms and seven baths, not to mention amenities such as a multi-level garage, laboratory, built-in butler and sparing area.

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The real estate company also created an actual listing for the fictional home, complete with a map of Gotham City, area schools and market statistics.

Check out Movoto's full infographic on the Wayne Manor's real estate specs below:


Movoto says they did not include Batman's armory in the listing. They assumed Bruce Wayne would somehow seal off that area for the next time Batman would come out of hiding.

This idea is basically the premise for the highly-anticipated third and final film directed by Christopher Nolan -- The Dark Knight Rises. After eight years in exile, Batman emerges to save Gotham City once more. The film reaches mainstream theaters this Friday.

This post has been updated to include that the image of Wayne Manor is similar to that of the Mentmore Towers in England. 

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