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I'm Either Right or I'm Wrong!:' MSNBC Anchor Raises His Voice With GOP Guest Over Romney Bundlers


"...you’re not comparing apples to apples here."

A discussion between MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and Republican National Committee Deputy Communications Director Tim Miller about whether Mitt Romney will release the name of his bundlers quickly evolved into confusing let's-talk-over-each-other match with raised voices.

“Is the RNC saying that Mitt Romney is going to be releasing his bundler information now because they’re able to use President Obama’s bundler information against him?” asked Roberts.

But instead of answering Roberts' question directly, Miller corrected the anchor's understanding of the relationship between the Obama administration and Fisker Automotive.

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Roberts persisted, Miller resisted, and the MSNBC anchor eventually accused the Romney campaign of “hypocrisy.”

“All of Mitt Romney’s donors are public just like all of President Obama’s donors are public,” said Miller. “So, you’re not comparing apples to apples here, Thomas.”

It was at that moment the conversation devolved into a shouting match.

Roberts asked two more times about Romney’s bundlers and Miller answered that they, like the president’s, were already public knowledge.

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