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Real News' War Room: FreePAC and Breaking the Gridlock in Washington


The U.S. Senate has been in an especially tough gridlock over the past few sessions. While 'Real News' has covered the Senate campaigns in states that have held particularly interesting primaries like Utah, Indiana and Texas, the panel discussed on Thursday what other Senate and down ballot races should political observers be watching heading into November, that have the potential to clear roadblocks which have made governing in Washington particularly difficult over the last few years.

Once their candidates are in office, how are constituents to hold their elected officials accountable and keep up the momentum from a successful campaign? FreedomWorks, which has played a significant role in several Republican primary campaigns already this year, is holding FreePAC Thursday in Dallas the same week as Restoring Love. Part of the goal for this freedom conference is to train grassroots activists in "emerging technologies, legislative tactics, and grassroots strategies" to complete the task of campaigning for the right candidates, and then holding them accountable as an elected officials. Watch a clip below with the 'Real News' table and Brendan Steinhauser of FreedomWorks live from FreePAC:


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