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Texas U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz Joins 'Real News' War Room


Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing right now: the elections this November represents a fundamental choice for the direction of public policy in this country. Most would agree that solving the problems at hand will take sacrifice and integrity. "Real News From The Blaze" Monday focused on the hard choices the next generation of legislators will face.

To begin the show, the panel was joined by the most talked about GOP newcomer this cycle: Ted Cruz.

According to the latest polling, Ted Cruz leads his opponent for the Republican nomination for the 2012 Texas U.S. Senate race; Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, by ten points before the run-off slated for Tuesday. Cruz's rise to prominence is significant considering he has never run for office before and been outspent 3-to-1. Cruz has been bolstered by intense grassroots support and arguably taken up the Tea Party mantle in the primary race for Senate in the reddest of states. If polling holds true and Cruz wins the primary then goes on to win the general by maintaining the streak of no Democrat winning a Texas statewide election since 1994, it has been predicted that the former Texas solicitor general would join the likes of constitutional stalwart Sens. Mike Lee, Jim DeMint and Rand Paul in pushing the Republican caucus in a more libertarian and "anti-establishment" direction.

Cruz joined 'Real News' Monday to discuss his campaign and the kind of Senator he would be, should he make it to Washington.

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