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Snooki-like Senate candidate actually pretty media savvy


New York State Senate candidate Mindy Meyers swears that despite her ridiculously pink, glittery website, she's for realz about the race.

Myers' campaign hasn't released a single ad yet but there's a reason for that: Even though she looks like Snooki, she doesn't think like Snooki. She explained to The Politicker earlier this week the reason she hasn't cut any ads.

“So far, my life is filled with enough advertising with all the media nationally and internationally, so we didn’t actually put out any ads yet,” said Ms. Meyer. “We’re thinking of doing that closer to the election, because right now, we have extensive press coverage, so we did not make any ads yet.”

That's not the kind of thing you just happen to know, okay? That's at least 200-level poli sci course knowledge.

[The Politicker]

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