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This Local News Video About the 'Curly the Cone' Kidnapping Could Be Just What You Need on a Friday


You can rest easy: the saga involving the kidnapping of "Curly the Cone" is over.

What am I talking about? Here's some background.

One community in Albuquerque, NM, was apparently enamored with what happen to a large mascot placed outside a local Dairy Queen. That mascot, Curly the Cone, was taken from the front of the store and owner had no idea what happened.

Never fear, KRQE and reporter Amanda Goodman are here. The local news outlet -- notably responding to the concerns and interest of viewers -- followed up and brings us one of the best stories of the day. Not only because it's a fun story, but also because of how the mascot was returned: with a pun-filled  note.

“We really fudged up and we’re sorry," it reads in part. "We will never steal again because we learned that we could be caught red velvet handed if we do."

There's more. And you can catch it in this great example of the lighter side of local news:

“I just think this is incredible, I actually started crying when I first saw him,” owner Errynn Sanchez told the outlet regarding the $2,500 mascot.

Kudos, Amanda Goodman. And happy Friday.


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