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Real News From The Blaze': Sinai Conflict Tests New Egyptian President Morsi


The Egyptian government says it was Islamist “infidels” that crossed the border from Gaza into the Sinai Sunday, killing 16 police officers and attempting to cross into Israel before being gunned down by the Israeli military. Israeli Defense minister Ehud Barak has said he hopes the action serves as a “wake up call” to Egypt regarding the lawlessness of the Sinai. Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi has responded by visiting the area Monday with military officials, and presiding over the closing of the border between Egypt and Gaza "indefinitely," angering Palestinians who travel the route during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The ordeal marks Morsi's first handling of a conflict situation since taking office, opening up debate for how Egypt's first democratically elected president responds to foreign policy challenges in realtime. During 'Real News' Monday the panel discussed whether any developments since Sunday’s attack indicate whether Morsi will be keeping the bargains of the 1979 peace accord with Israel, and if the Egyptian military and president are on the same page. Watch a clip below featuring Eric Trager of The Washington Institute: 

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