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Here's another painfully long profile on Karl Rove and how he's ruining everything


Karl Rove is doing something? Better write a profile him!

In the past two weeks there have been three lengthy profiles by major publications on Karl Rove, his "comeback" and how he's in. your. face.

Just last week Time magazine published "The Return of Karl Rove." Before that, Businessweek wrote on how he's "Back, Big Time."

The latest is in Vanity Fair's September issue: "Boss Rove."

Not long ago, Karl Rove seemed toxic: the brains of a disastrous presidency, tarred by scandal. Today, as the mastermind of a billion-dollar war chest—and with surrogates in place in the Romney campaign—he’s the de facto leader of the Republican Party. But in Rove’s long game, 2012 may be just the beginning. ...

WABC Radio talk-show host John Batchelor, a Republican, put it in perspective. “America is a two-party state,” he says. “There are the Democrats. Then, there’s Karl Rove.”

As an aside, it's a little odd how each one begins by referencing a past date: "On May 31..." (Time), "On the evening of June 29..." (Businessweek), "On Wednesday, April 21..." (Vanity Fair). I think these were also "dark and stormy" nights.

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