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Why Twitter May Be One of the #ThingsToureThinksAreRacist


MSNBC host's 'ni**erization' comment gives rise to new Twitter hashtag.

(Photo: Scren Shot/MSNBC)

Following MSNBC commentator Toure's failed attempt to express his outrage at GOP Presidential nominee's Mitt Romney's alleged racism, two reactions have been emerging from Romney's supporters. First, there was the immediate (and arguably justified) repulsion and outrage that Toure accused Romney of "ni**erization," a term that would offend most people simply by being uttered. Second, and more entertainingly, conservatives on Twitter have turned Toure's ludicrously low standards for racist discourse into an object of brutal mockery using the hashtag #ThingsToureThinksAreRacist.

What's included in that category, according to these jokesters? Practically everything. See below:







And as a hat tip to the place we found most of these lovely Tweets...

So given that he's been the object of utter obloquy from practically all of Twitter, this raises a single, vital question - does Toure think Twitter is racist? No comment has yet been made from the man himself.

UPDATE: The Romney campaign is apparently "discussing" Toure's original remarks with the MSNBC top brass. Obviously, they are not happy. Could this end up costing Toure his job?

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