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Ann Romney knows her way around a campaign, OK?


NPR has some background on Ann Romney and how she's evolved as an expert campaigner since Mitt first ran for U.S. Senate in 1994:

Dynamic, down-to-earth and poised on the stump, Mrs. Romney learned the hard way. She was most known in the 1994 race for her stumbles; for example, when she said she and her husband were so poor as students, they had to sell some of their stocks. Or that she'd never — in her entire marriage — had a fight with her husband.

Today, savvier and more experienced, she's much more careful, says Donna Sytek, former New Hampshire House speaker and chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

"I remember standing with her at the polls ... and I was saying something mildly critical, and she said, 'Watch out for the microphones, they are very sensitive! They have booms, be aware!'" Sytek recalls.

Smart. She knows the deal with hot mics, which means she's less likely to follow in Rev. Jesse Jackson's footsteps.


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