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Poll dancing: 08.20.12


"No Child Left Behind" not popular among really anyone [Gallup, 8/20]:

More Americans think the No Child Left Behind Act, which has governed federal education grants to public schools for a decade, has made education worse rather than better, by 29% to 16%. ...

Also, perhaps reflecting the broad bipartisan support for NCLB in Congress when it was created, there is no meaningful difference in the public's views of the law by party.

Educación: Hispanics made up 25 percent of two-year college enrollments in 2011 [Pew Research Center, 8/20]:

Hispanics are the largest minority group on the nation’s college campuses, a milestone first achieved last year. But as their growth among all college-age students continues to outpace other groups, Hispanics are now, for the first time, the largest minority group among the nation’s four-year college and university students. And for the first time, Hispanics made up one-quarter (25.2%) of 18- to 24-year-old students enrolled in two-year colleges.

Public split on whether government will do too much or too little to help economy [Rasmussen, 8/20]:

44% of Likely U.S. Voters now say, in reacting to the nation’s economic problems, what worries them most is that the federal government will not do enough. Forty-one percent (41%) are more worried the government will do too much. Fifteen percent (15%) more are undecided.

The horse race [Real Clear Politics average, 8/20]:

Obama- 47.2%

Romney- 47.7%

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