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Obama Flip-Flops Again, Uses Presidential Seal at Official Campaign Event


It was inappropriate in 2010, but not in 2012.

(L) President Obama in Poland, Ohio, Friday, July 6, 2012; (R) President Obama in Pittsburgh, Friday, July 6, 2012 (Credit: AP Photo)

Though he was previously against using the official presidential seal during campaign events, President Obama busted out the symbol for the second time during his reelection campaign on Wednesday. In 2010, former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told CBS "that at strictly political events we would not use" the seal.

Oh, how the times have changed.

The president spoke from behind a podium that displayed the presidential seal prominently during a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Wednesday morning. The White House's official daily schedule for Obama classifies the event, held at Canyon Springs High School, as a "campaign event."

The Washington Free Beacon also notices that a backdrop seen behind Obama declares the event was "paid for by Obama for America," which is his reelection campaign.

Just as TheBlaze previously reported, it is not against the law to use the presidential seal to campaign. The real issue here is the hypocrisy of an administration that, until it was time to get reelected, considered its use at official campaign events to be inappropriate.

President Obama utilized the seal for the first time of his reelection bid on July 6 at a campaign event in Pittsburgh:

"It’s common practice for sitting presidents to use the presidential seal at campaign events when they are running for re-election,” an Obama campaign official said back in July, referencing the re-election campaigns of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Reagan.

The Obama camp also announced in July that they would now use the presidential seal at future campaign stops, but they did declare a new ethical standard: They won’t display the seal at campaign related fundraisers... for now.

(H/T:: Twitchy)

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