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Radio Host Dennis Prager Has a New Online 'College' to Combat Liberal Bias and Teach Judeo-Christian Values

Radio Host Dennis Prager Has a New Online 'College' to Combat Liberal Bias and Teach Judeo-Christian Values

"...freedom, personal responsibility and capitalism."

For years, conservatives have lamented the perceived liberal bias that exists at the university level. To counter this continued conundrum, radio host and author Dennis Prager has crafted a solution that is ever-growing in popularity -- Prager University. The media figure sat down with TheBlaze to discuss the project, while sharing his vision for its growth and continued success.

No, Prager University is not an accredited college. And it has no physical campus that pupils are required to visit to complete their coursework. Best of all, there's no cost to attend (but you can give voluntary tuition to help fuel the site's continued growth).

However, unlike other educational experiences, Prager University offers comprehensive information on a litany of social and political subjects from a more right-of-center approach -- and it's all delivered in a condensed, five-minute video experience. The educational source describes itself as "an entirely new concept in education."

"Our courses, taught by some of the finest, most original thinkers in the world, are five minutes long, visually stimulating and rich in practical content," the Prager University web site proclaims. "Each seeks to enhance the student's understanding and appreciation for the core ideas that support Western Civilization such as freedom, personal responsibility and capitalism."

The idea is that viewers will learn, through expert instructors, about America and her unique Judeo-Christian traditions. Rather than forcing people to sit through hours-long lectures, the five-minute clips provide a robust university-quality learning experience. But aside from acquiring knowledge Prager and his team hope that students will send videos on to friends and family, as the media team embraces a viral model for spreading the conservative cause.

In an interview with TheBlaze, Prager described his motivation for creating Prager University.

"I knew that there's a very unhealthy effect intellectually and morally on many students," he said, speaking candidly about the American higher education system.

Prager went on to advance the notion that this can be corrected through powerful video messages, saying, "I am convinced that great ideas that are powerfully-presented can change a mind in five minutes."

Prager says that his university is taking each and every issue of importance and breaking it down from a micro and macro level. Rather than allowing issues to be complicated and over-dramatized, Prager prefers simplification. When it comes to the Middle Eastern conflict, for example, he believes that some people simply seek to muddy the waters in order to advance their ideological agendas.

"The people who try to make the Middle Eastern conflict complex have an agenda," he said, giving just one example (see the condensed Middle Eastern lesson, below).

Another, more recent, video that Prager University posted was, "The Moral Case for the British Empire." Historian HW Crocker III presents the brief synopsis about this fascinating subject matter:

And who wouldn't want to take a "life studies" course called, "Understanding Men & Women: Why They See Things Differently"? This one -- which will likely peak most readers' interest -- is led by Alison Armstrong, a well-known relationship expert:

There's also a lesson that Prager highlighted about the moral obligation that people have "to be or at least act happy." Watch this video, below:

One of the strengths of Prager University is the faculty members who are brought on to educate members. These individuals, the radio host claims, are stellar and well-suited to fulfill the educational roles they're taking on.

It is these individuals who are at the center of progressing the commentator's goals. Changing minds, Prager says, is essential and will help, from the bottom up, to restore and reform America for the better.

"When you change people's minds, they raise their children differently, they view the university differently," he said. "The battle in America and, of course, in the world is an ideas battle."

But it is up to conservatives to arm themselves with the knowledge needed to understand and then convey the central tenets of their social and political ideologies to others. With Prager University, this is now a possibility.

"Most people who call themselves conservatives can't explain the American value system," Prager said. "You can't dictate [and share with others] what you don't know."

Prager University gives this much-needed preparation, while also providing information and perspective about contemporary issues of great importance. Visit the Prager University online learning hub today to learn more.

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