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Bill Maher Defends Clint Eastwood: 'He Did a Bit With Just an Empty Chair and Killed


"I've got to give him props for that."

Breaking with nearly every liberal commentator, comedian Bill Maher defended Clint Eastwood's offbeat speech at the Republican National Convention on his HBO show Friday, saying he "did a bit with just and empty chair and killed" it -- without a teleprompter no less.

Maher wondered why so many people were complaining about Eastwood's wacky unscripted speech when they usually gripe about how scripted the political conventions are.

"I've got to give him props for that," Maher said, the audience responding with applause.

But that was about as far as the pleasantries went. Maher said he had no idea that Eastwood was such a "right-wing a--hole" before his speech and called him an "idiot."

Actor and comedian Jason Alexander, best known for playing George Constanza on "Seinfeld," disagreed, arguing that any popular celebrity like Eastwood, or himself of course, could walk on a stage and "urinate" on himself for 10-15 minutes and it would get laughs.

"So not true, Jason," Maher replied. "I don't care how famous you are, they'll give you a minute... you do not get 15 minutes."

Watch the full segment via Mediaite:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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