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Woman Allegedly Prevented From Boarding Flight Because TSA Didn’t Like Her ‘Attitude\


"Is that legal?"

An angry airline passenger claims the Transportation Security Administration prevented her from boarding her flight not because she was a security risk, but in retaliation for her "attitude."

She explained in the description of an accompanying YouTube video:

This was inside the terminal at the Houston airport. I was not allowed to board a plane (even though I had already been through airport security) because I drank my water instead of letting the TSA "test" it.

She added:

The TSA agent finally admitted that it wasn't because they thought I was a security risk-it was because the TSA agent, Louis Godeaux, was mad at me!

Here is the clip, apparently shot with a cell phone:

The Huffington Post has a rough transcript:

Woman: "Do you think that I am honestly a threat...?"

Male agent: "No, no, no, but with your attitude..."

Woman: "Let me get this straight. This is retaliatory for my attitude. This is not making the airways safer. It's retaliatory."

Male agent: "Pretty much...yes."

Woman: "Is that legal?"

It should be noted that the clip does not show the initial altercation, which could have involved more than just drinking water after going through security.

However, the woman admits the situation ended well.

"I was able to get on the very next flight out of [Houston, and] even managed an upgrade! (thanks United)," she wrote.

The passenger concluded: "I know this is not really news (it seems like the TSA is retaliating all the time against people), but it was a little satisfying to get that statement on video."

(H/T: Gawker)



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