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Poll dancing -- 09.12.12


President Obama's popularity drops in Europe [Transatlantic Trend, 09/12]: "[W]hile Obama's foreign policy approval rate has dropped only three points in the United States (from 57% to 54%) since 2009, it has dropped 12 points in Europe (from 83% to 71%)."

Romney behind by double digits in New Mexico [PPP, 9/12]: "[Obama] leads Romney 53-42 in the state, a six point increase from ... July."

Americans admit they're not utilizing their strongest skills most times [Gallup, 9/12]: Only one out of four Americans say they use their strengths for ten or more hours each day. Nearly the same number (21 percent) say they use their strengths less than three hours each day. Women said they use their strengths more often than men.

Satisfaction with country's direction up since 2009 [Gallup, 9/12]: The number of Americans who say they're satisfied with the direction of the country is only at 30 percent, but that's up more than 20 percent since 2009.

Majority now think auto bailout was a good thing[Rasmussen, 9/12]: "[M]ost Likely U.S. Voters (53%) think the auto bailouts were good for the United States. That’s up from a previous high of 47% in May. Just 36% now believe those bailouts were bad for the country."

Democrats are seeing the sunny side of this election [Pew, 9/12]: "66% of Democrats say the presidential campaign is interesting while just 27% say it is dull. Among Republicans 50% say it is interesting while nearly as many (45%) describe it as dull."

The horse race [RCP average, 9/12]: Averaging out the national election polls shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney 48.6 to 45.2  percent.

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