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Slate' investigates Paul Ryan's body fat, concludes he probably lied about it


A little late to this, but...

An article published Monday by Slate takes a serious, in-depth look at Paul Ryan's claim that his body fat is "between 6 and 8 percent." The author Bill Gifford calls it "outrageous."

Aren't you outraged?

Gifford writes:

He’s probably lying about the body fat thing. ... Or, at best, wildly exaggerating. ...

Here’s who else maintains 6 to 8 percent body fat: Olympic 100-meter sprinters, that’s who. Also, world-class boxers, wrestlers, and marathoners, according to this study of elite American athletes. Top collegiate swimmers look pretty fit, right? Well, they average out at a plump 9.5 percent, at least according to another study. Positively porky, compared to Ryan.

The article ends with Gifford uncomfortably noting that Ryan has yet to have a shirtless photo shoot. I'm serious.

Read HERE.

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