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Veteran Marine & Army Sergeants Present 7 Non-Lethal Tactics the US Military Can Use to Disperse Angry Mobs


"Lemme tell ya, they are effective."

In the wake of violent, lethal mob attacks on our embassies abroad, many Americans are asking "Where was our defense?"   Among those were the Rieley brothers, two veterans of Middle East conflict.  One is an active duty Marine sergeant, and has been for almost a decade. The other is a sergeant in the Army where he has served for over five years. Given their respective statuses, they prefer not to be fully named.  The Rieley brothers have five deployments between them, Iraq, Guantanamo, and Egypt -- and both have seen their fair share of insurgency and violent mobs. Given that, we decided to ask them what the military has in its arsenal for dispersing angry crowds.

"Every embassy holds a stockpile of necessary defense weapons," the Marine says. "I am just not sure why they were not utilized in these recent attacks."   And they know what they're talking about -- they have both experienced the scenario before.

"I was personally involved in dispersing multiple violent mobs during my deployments," the Army sergeant says. "There were never any casualties.  We have the capability to defend ourselves non-lethally, if that is the tactic in place."

The Marine, who has just returned from safe-guarding American interests in Egypt, gives some advice from the front-lines.

"A catch word for commanders in the Middle East is 'hard target,' as in make yourself a hard target. Posture has a lot to do with making yourself a hard target. If you look weak or unprepared, you are more likely to get attacked," he explains. "Also, use aggressive stances and a harsh tone of voice. When a possible indecent looks to be forming, putting on body armor and becoming aggressive can actually go a long way in avoiding real violence. When the U.S. military takes a fighting stance, people take note."

With that in mind, the Rieley brothers have assembled a list of the most effective, non-lethal tactical weapons the U.S. has in it's arsenal. "We have used almost all of these weapons," the Army sergeant notes.  The Marine brother ads: "Lemme tell ya, they are effective."


7. Riot Shield Baton Formation


 Great for dispersing hippies



 We even teach our tactics to our African allies


6.  OC Pepper Spray



 5.  FN 303 Riot Paintball Gun


4. Beanbag Shotgun Rounds

3. Heat Ray Microwave Dispersal

 Kinda works like this:


2. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)


1.  M-203 Rubber Bullet Rounds/ Rubber Shotgun Rounds








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