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Real News From The Blaze': Has Obama's Handling of Afghanistan Been a Failure?


September has been a challenging month thus far on foreign policy for the country, and the president especially. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll shows President Obama's approval ratings on foreign policy have dropped from 54 to 49 percent over the last month, that included anti-American protests and attacks across the Arab world and beyond. The attacks to the U.S. consulate in Libya particularly put the demonstrations to the forefront, as four Americans were killed including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Now the White House has announced that they will continue the U.S.-Afghan security pact and the Strategic Partnership agreement signed last May, and would not change Obama's timeline for gradually handing over security responsibility to Afghans and eventually withdrawing U.S. troops as NATO has agreed to remove most of its forces in 2014.

On "Real News From The Blaze" Thursday the panel discussed how Barack Obama has handled the War in Afghanistan which he inherited, where there has now been a recent uptick in "Green on Blue" violence where Afghan troops turn their weapons on allied forces. After 36 such attacks this year leading to 51 deaths, the U.S. military announced Monday that they would suspend most joint field operations with the Afghans.

Does this move alter the U.S.'s drawdown strategy that was premised upon training Afghans? Should we still stay till 2014? Should we leave now?Watch the panel discuss the elected GOP and Obama's handling of Afghanistan in a clip from Thursday's show below:

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