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Wilkow!:' Is Holder Off the Hook for Operation Fast & Furious?


The Spanish-language network Univision recently took President Barack Obama to task with tough questions regarding how he has handled the controversy surrounding the Operation Fast & Furious investigation and Attorney General Eric Holder's job performance, as the Inspector General just released the long awaited report on the botched gun-trafficking operation and its connection to the Justice Department. While the court cleared Holder of having any personal knowledge of the operation prior to the investigation, the Attorney General did receive weekly reports that mentioned Operation Fast & Furious, and his top assistants and the leadership of the Criminal Division failed to alert him to significant information about or flaws in the operation and investigation.

On Friday, John Malcolm of The Heritage Foundation joined Andrew Wilkow on TheBlaze TV to discuss the report from the Justice Department's internal investigators, and how Holder stands now:

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