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Moby offers the last take you needed on Romney's '47 percent' remark


"What ever happened to the electronica musician Moby?" says no one ever.

But to the question never asked, here's the answer: He's writing down his deepest thoughts on Mitt Romney for the Huffington Post.

"Mitt Romney came from extreme wealth. He has never once needed financial assistance from the government, as his family had millions and millions of dollars at their disposal. But there are millions and millions and millions of Americans like me who didn't come from extreme wealth and who needed help with education and food and health care and shelter, but who have gone on to start businesses and pay taxes.

"We are not an 'entitled' class, we are not 'dependent upon the federal government' and we do not consider ourselves 'victims.' ...

"Mitt Romney is a product of wealth and privilege. That does not give him the right to loathe and dismiss the rest of us who are not the product of wealth and privilege."

Something tells me the guy who wrote a song titled "We Are All Made of Stars" never planned on voting for Romney anyway.

[Huffington Post]

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