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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Cynthia Farahat Join 'Wilkow!' to Discuss Obama's Approach to Islamic Movements


President Barack Obama spoke in front of the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday where he posed a challenge to the international community to confront the roots of turmoil in the Middle East. In his speech, Obama discussed the ongoing anti-American turmoil unfolding across the globe and declared that “there are no words that excuse the killing of innocent” and that there is “no video that justifies an attack on an embassy.”

Despite speaking out against the infamous anti-Islam Youtube film and reiterating that the government wasn’t involved in its production, the president took the time to defend the freedom of speech — even thoughts and ideas that are found to be offensive to some.

Mohammed Morsi, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood and now Egypt's first democratically elected president, was in New York City for the U.N. General Assembly as well, and spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative Tuesday where he said freedom of expression must be used responsibly, and encouraged the world to see a new Egypt. Since taking control though, Morsi has overseen a nation governed by the conservative Muslim Brotherhood, and tussled with military officials and democracy activists as he's called for limits on free speech and been accused of discriminating against ethnic minorities and women.

On "Wilkow!" Tuesday, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Cynthia Farahat joined with Andrew Wilkow to discuss how the president has responded to anti-American protests by Muslims across the world, Islamic governance in the Middle East and assuring religious tolerance at home:

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