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What's behind Paul Ryan's curtain? The press


Ahead of the vice presidential debate on Oct. 11, Paul Ryan has secluded himself just a little bit from the press. Curtains have been erected to separate him from the news media aboard his campaign plane, according to the Washington Post:

For the first few weeks of the campaign, when Ryan was flying on an unbranded charter jet, no curtain separated him from his traveling press. Then, once he got a new plane bearing the Romney-Ryan logo just after the GOP convention in Tampa, a simple blue curtain that stretched across the aisle gave him a little privacy from reporters.

The latest curtain — which is actually three curtains that extend all the way from one end of the cabin to the other — made its debut on the candidate’s jet Monday morning.

In an interview Saturday with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ryan said he's been preparing for the debate by spending "a lot of time reading and preparing" (paraphrased by the JS)

[Washington Post]

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