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Skateboarder Hit by Deer in 'Downhill Bloodspill' Going 40 Miles Per Hour

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Car-deer collisions are unfortunately common -- about 1.5 million occur in the United States each year. Earlier this year, TheBlaze even brought you footage of a motorcycle-deer crash. But those are less common with the highest amount in 2008 occurring in Texas, totaling 17.

Now, an even less likely collision involving a deer occurred over the weekend. Its target: a skateboarder.

Going 40 miles per hour, the skateboarder participating in the Buffalo Bill Downhill in Golden, Colo., with 200 others might have expected a crash with a fellow boarder -- but probably not a deer.

A mounted head camera has been useful yet again at capturing the incident. The footage shows a skateboarder over the weekend cruising down the 1.1 mile course, which has seven turns and four hairpin turns, when you notice a deer racing them on the left-hand side. It cuts across the skateboard traffic and rams right into one of the participants in front of the skateboarder with the head-mounted camera. He is flung off his board onto the dusty side of the road.

Watch the footage -- this version includes slow-mo footage after the real-time clip (Warning: Strong language toward the end of the clip):

A local news channel in Denver reported the event is often called the "downhill bloodspill," and that the skateboarder from Salt Lake City only got road rash from the accident.

This story has been updated to include a language warning before the clip. 

(H/T: Digital Journal)

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