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Fox News' O'Reilly says Romney 'can't care about the press' in debate


On Fox & Friends this morning Bill O'Reilly said heading into tomorrow's debate, Mitt Romney has to figuratively "smack the president."

"It's all on him. All on him," O'Reilly said. "All President Obama has to do is basically just be himself and not say anything, just repeat the same old thing. But Mitt Romney has to convince the American people that going forward he's a better alternative than the president. That's not going to be easy. So he's going to have to paint the president as an incompetent."

F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson said Romney should remain cautious, however, on how far he goes criticizing Obama. "The press might say, 'Oh wow, he really went too far,'" she said.

"He can't care about the press," O'Reilly said. "He can't care about them one bit. He's got to smack the president like [conservative radio host] Laura Ingraham would smack him."

O'Reilly later added that Romney can't be "malicious" in his critique of the Obama.

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