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CEO Who Warned Employees They Might Get Fired If Obama Is Re-Elected Explains His Email


"This is not speculation - I have lived the last four years under the Obama administration and I've watched my company be cut in half..."

Yesterday TheBlaze reported on an internal company email sent by Westlake Restorts CEO David Siegel to his employees. In the now-viral email, Siegel warned employees that the company would likely face dire financial consequences if Barack Obama is elected to a second term – specifically stating that he:

"will have no choice but to reduce the size of [the] company.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Siegel joined CNBC's "Closing Bell" to discuss the email. The unapologetic CEO explained a few things about his message to his workers:

  • It was not his intention for the communique to be seen outside of the company
  • He's received "hundreds of email" responses and claims that "90% were positive"
  • Over the last four years, Siegel said that he was forced to lay off 7,000 people and said it was "unpleasant" and he does not "want to go through it again."

When pressed by the CNBC hosts on why he felt that an Obama second term would be devastating to his company, Siegel stated:

"This is not speculation - I have lived the last four years under the Obama administration and I've watched my company be cut in half... We're very profitable and I don't want to go through another four years under the Obama administration where I have to downsize again."

David Siegel was quite clear. He was not happy about having to layoff 7,000 people in order to keep his company profitable. He also stressed:

"This was before ObamaCare... Before raising my taxes."

Seigel was also questioned about his personal wealth. He is known for building one of the largest private homes in the country.

"Versailles" is the 90,000 sq foot mansion with an impressive list of amenities:

  • 90,000 square feet
  • nine kitchens
  • 30 bathrooms
  • an indoor pool, ice skating rink, and two movie theaters

Last summer, ABC News called unfinished mega-mansion the "Spruce Goose of homes."

At one point, Siegel stopped construction on the house and put it up for sale. He said this was done in order to keep his company afloat. There were no takers. During the ABC interview, Siegel told the network that business had started to come back and he and his wife were spending money. Apparently, he hopes to finally finish building his American "Versailles."

However, he's very concerned that a second term for the President would mean higher taxes on people like himself, and once ObamaCare is fully implemented, the costs would be devastating.

In his words, David Siegel is merely "educating his employees" before they make a choice on election day.

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