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Glenn Beck & His Chalkboard Examine Obama's Track Record: 'This Guy Is on the Wrong Side


"There is danger to our country."

Glenn Beck took a detailed look into President Barack Obama's track record over the past four years during his show on TheBlazeTV Wednesday.

He started by asking the following questions about Obama:

  • How is his batting average?
  • When he is wrong, does it hurt us?
  • When it does hurt us, are we in danger?
  • When he is wrong, does it help our enemies?

Then, using his trademark chalkboard, Beck blasted Obama's decision making by referencing a number of situations where Obama rushed to intervene, and then other instances where he insisted on waiting for all the "facts" before acting.

He explained that Obama waited for the "facts" with the Ft.  Hood shooting, classifying it as "workplace violence," the Christmas underwear bomber, the Iranian uprising, the BP oil spill, and in dealing with Iran's nuclear ambitions, among other things.

However, Beck said, Obama was quick to rush in and support the Arab Spring and speak out in the of Trayvon Martin case.

"Look gang, you can say whatever you want. You can say he is the most incompetent man in the world, but the most incompetent man should not be the president of the United States," Beck said. "I personally think this guy is on the wrong side. And I think you have a long enough track record – there is danger to our country."

Watch the entire segment via TheBlazeTV:

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