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Morning Joe' Panelist Actually Asks if We Can 'Trust' Mitt Romney if He 'Colors His Hair


"How come we never ask that question? Why does nobody ask that question?"

(Photo: MSNBC)

Former CNBC host Donny Deutsch appeared as a panelist on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday, quickly becoming the object of ridicule by his colleagues after asking whether we can "trust" Mitt Romney if he colors his hair.

Following a discussion of skyrocketing gas prices and the state of the economy, Deutsch remarked:

"I'm going to shift gears you were playing the images of Mitt Romney-- I don't know if anybody's ever asked this-- I'm not being glib here.  He's got the white sideburns-- does he color his hair?  And I'm being serious.  And if he does-- can we trust the guy?"

As Mika Brzezinski -- hardly a supporter of the Republican nominee-- stepped in to cut the man off with an exaggerated "okay" and later an "Oh my God," but Deutsch continued: "How come we never ask that question? Why does nobody ask that question?"

Joe Scarborough countered by saying the question he's most often asked is why they have Deutsch as a panelist on the air.

But Deutsch persevered : "Do you want a president of the United States who colors his hair?"

"Ronald Reagan colored his hair for 80 years-- we're good," Scarborough replied shortly, saying it was time to move on.

But Deutsch couldn't resist adding: "Is that a yes?"

“I think if the average American thought a man was coloring his hair, he would lose trust in him," Deutsch concluded.  "I’m serious.”

Watch the entire segment below, via Mediaite:

(H/T: Mediaite)



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