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Rev. Jesse Jackson: I'm 'Not Convinced' That 'Homosexuality Is Wrong' Since Kings Solomon & David 'Had Many Wives


"The Muslims today have three or four wives of that culture."

TheBlaze's Benny Johnson contributed to this report.

On Tuesday evening, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, singer Monifah and community advocate A.R. Bernard joined BET's T.J. Holmes to discuss homosexuality, voter suppression and other social and political issues on the latest episode of "Sleep Talkers."

Perhaps the most controversial -- and debated -- subject covered on the episode was gay marriage, with some of the panelists disagreeing over how the issue should be handled within religious communities. Jackson explained that he believes "marriages are protected by one's own choice." In his view, gay matrimony is both a moral and a legal issue.

"People have the right to live with the people with whom they choose to be faithful," he explained.

Of particular note, though, was a separate response that Jackson gave about homosexuality as a societal norm. Holmes pointed out that the central tenets of the Christian faith point out that "homosexuality is wrong." The host then asked if Jackson agrees with this sentiment.

"I'm not all-together convinced of that," the civil rights leader responded, going on to claim that marriage has "blurred" definitions. "King Solomon had many wives in that culture. Then David had many wives of that culture. The Muslims today have three or four wives of that culture."

Rather than focusing upon a defense of traditional marriage as a central component of the faith, Jackson said he sticks to the "moral imperatives" that Jesus described in the Bible.

"All I really know is --  Jesus said that 'I was hungry and you fed me,' 'I was naked and you clothed me,'" he explained. "I stay as closely as I can to the moral imperatives as he described them as what's really important."

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