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Poll dancing -- 10.11.12


Swing-state voters predict a win for Paul Ryan in debate [CBS-NYT-Quinnipiac, 10/11]: In Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin, more people predict Ryan will win tonight's debate against Vice President Joe Biden. (Remember: Across the nation, majorities picked Obama over Romney to win the first debate.)

Likely voters say V.P. debate at least 'somewhat important' [Rasmussen 10/11]: "58% of Likely U.S. Voters consider the performance of the vice presidential candidates in the debate to be at least somewhat important to how they will vote, while 40% disagree. This includes 18% who view the candidates’ performances as Very Important and 12% who rate them as Not At All Important to their vote."

One in ten Americans tag-teamed screens for last debate [Pew, 10/11]: "Most of these real-time [debate] viewers watched on television, but 11% of live debate watchers were 'dual screeners,' following coverage on a computer or mobile device at the same time as following television coverage. Another 3% say they followed the debate live exclusively online.

Swing-states Va., Fla. locked; Ohio sways toward President Obama [NBC-WSJ-Maris, 10/11]: In Virginia Romney is ahead of Obama by one point, 48-47 percent. Florida the score is reversed in favor of Obama, 48-47 percent. In Ohio, Obama leads 51 to Romney's 45 percent.

Obama leads Nevada [PPP, 10/10]: The lead Obama had in swing-state Nevada rolled back a few points after last week's debate but he's still ahead of Romney 51 to 47 percent.

The horse race [RCP average, 10/11]: An average of national polls shows Romney leading Obama 47.1 to 46.4 percent.

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