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Real News:' What Threat Does the Taliban Pose Now?


Thursday night's Vice Presidential Debate focused heavily on foreign policy--including Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan saying it was important to make sure the Taliban didn’t retake power in Afghanistan. Ryan also said that he and Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney have been skeptical about the Obama administration's negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Vice President Joe Biden scoffed at the notion that Ryan could presume to tell the Obama administration how to handle that task as the Afghan forces were doing just fine.

CBS’s Lara Logan would disagree, earlier this week saying that the administration wasn’t telling the truth to the American people about the strength of the Taliban and the incredible threat they pose. The Taliban has come into the fold again this week after they claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan – an activist for female education.

On 'Real News' Friday the panel examined the current threat from the Taliban and whether or not the Obama Administration's negotiation tactics are making a dangerous situation worse. Watch a clip below featuring guest Sadanand Dhume of the Wall Street Journal: 


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